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Travel Destinations in England

Royalty! This is the first thing that might pop into your mind when you think about England. Yes, it does house the world’s richest and most popular royal family, but that’s not all there is to England. From small thatched villages to museums and royal castles, England can offer you almost anything that you might want. Don’t believe me? Well why don’t you take a trip to England and find out for yourself. (And here’s a pro travel tip: Save your money and just Buy British Airways Miles when you travel). So if you plan to come to England, here’s a list of places you should definitely go to:

1. The London Eye, London:
Big fan of panoramic views? Then this is the place for you to go to. This exaggeration of a Ferris wheel literally takes you on the ride of your life. Taking you to a height of 440 feet, the London Eye gives you a look at the whole of London city along with its everyday hustle and bustle. The passenger capsules which carry you up are made of glass thus providing you with the opportunity to have a great 360 degree view of everything. What more do you want?

2. The City Of Bath:
You know how they say that good things come in small packages? Well, the city of Bath is the perfect example of this situation. Though small, this city still has a lot of things to offer to its tourists. The Romanian baths, after which this city is named, are the perfect place to relax if you’re looking into getting away from everything. That combined with the Georgian Townhouses all around town will give you the lightheaded experience that you’re looking for.

3. The Buckingham Palace, London:
One of the few palaces that are in working condition till today, The Buckingham Palace will give you the chance to take a look at the Queen’s guard all dickered out in their finest red and black livery. Do they really not move no matter what happens? Well why don’t you go yourself and find out.

4. The Tower Of London:
The Tower of London is basically a historic castle that is located on the north bank of the river Thames. This tower of London houses the largest diamond in the world, so even if you’re not a big fan of heights or castles I would still suggest you go there to get a good look at that beauty.

5. The Stonehenge, Salisbury:
This historical monument located in Wiltshire is popular for its apocalyptic description in pop culture. This ring of stones has so many theories about its origin that hearing them alone wants you to go and see what all the mystery is about. And once you go there, you will be spellbound. That I promise. So plan your trip to the Stonehenge now and just remember that in order to save money all you have to do is Buy British Airways Miles

Best Travel Destinations in the World

The famous Caribbean carnival has major components like steel pan, calypso, and playing mass that are masqueraded. Trinidad, which is the capital City of Port-of-Spain, has a beautiful historical background. The organizers form a five day ritual pageant, each day of this carnival is enjoyable. Trinidad Carnival is always beginning with the King & Queen Contest. The contest is held on Friday night. ‘Panorama contest’ happens on the next day. On Sunday, Dimanche Gras content is organized and on Monday enjoy J’Ouvert. The carnival ends with ‘The Parade of the Bands’, on Tuesday. All these events definitely give you unforgettable memories.

The Trinidad carnival is popularly known as ‘Epiphany of beauty.’ It is an example of amazing display of the unstoppable human spirit. The main motive of this carnival is not just enjoyment or fun, but to showcase different traditions which exist in Trinidad. Caribbean festival gives everyone a chance to interact with different people who come from different regions of the world. One specialty of this carnival is that it promotes the theme of unity. It is very much based on the African culture. This carnival is the best carnival in the world, which can be seen from the year by year growing popularity.

Costumes of artists appear in colorful dress code, a delectable sight to the eyes. Actually, it indicates their rich and open lifestyle. These elaborate costumes are decorated with feathers and sequins. Costumes are specially designed by top designers. Many times locals and tourists like to participate in the parade of brands. Different bands take part in the competition to win the band title of the year. It is a very prestigious title held during the Trinidad carnival. Band owners start working for their performance in the carnival several months in advance. They start their work with the launch party of their band and buy their costumes at the mass camp. Some camps even offer their collection of costumes online at reasonable prices.

The Trinidad carnival is greatly popular amongst children. There is a special segment of carnival for teenagers and kids also known as the ‘Kiddies carnival show’, which has a high dose of fun and excitement. Around the week, many sub events or parties take place. Caribbean festival is the national event of the country; hence, schools arrange some programs to entertain kids as well as parents too.

Today this form of the Trinidad carnival is the most widely imitated festival art for public celebration. Team of Trinidadian Carnival artists perform throughout the year in European countries, North America, and the Caribbean.

The Best Travel Destination

If South Africa (SA) accommodation is your first choice then after deciding your budget and travel destination, selection of a hotel would be the next important decision. The Cape Grace, The Saxon, The Mount Nelson, The Arabella Sheraton, Michelangelo, and The Westcliff are few of the best hotels of South Africa which can also be compared with the best hotels in the world. There are many other luxurious hotels in South Africa with breathtaking views and are nearer to the great tourist spots of this country.

Search of a Hotel

The hotels in SA range from one star to the five star hotels and so one can search a hotel that best matches his budget. You will experience the excellent services and high end luxury in South Africa accommodation. If you do an online search of hotels then it can be more time consuming because the decision to select one among many would become difficult.

All these hotels promise to provide the best services for less money. These hotels promise to bring every comfort of daily life to your room and these promises will make your decision difficult. It is advisable to talk to a travel company to help you in deciding your hotel. If you have more money and more time to spend then a villa or a vacation apartment can also be a better option. In SA, you will get a chance to spend your holidays on the renowned wildlife parks, best beaches, and natural scenery etc.

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to experience the Durban accommodation, Cape Town accommodation, or Gauteng accommodation your experience will be an unforgettable one. You will remember these days throughout your life and you will like to share your views with everyone you like. So decide your budget, fix the dates and select your travel destination.